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Instagram Downloader - Download photo, video from Instagram for free

SaveFree.App is a tool to download Instagram content, which helps you easily and quickly download Instagram videos, Reels, Photos, Stories, and IGTV to your device in a few simple steps.

Save and download Instagram post photos and videos to your phone or computer in the highest quality. Download Instagram videos, Insta Reels, photos, Stories, and IGTV on the web without installing software. Supports all devices: PC, iPhone, Android.

SaveFree is the best tool today to download content on Instagram. This tool works on a web browser, allowing you to save and download videos and photos from Instagram to your device anytime and anywhere without any hassle. Just paste the Instagram link and search field at the top of the page and hit the Download button.

SaveFree features:

  • Quickly and easily download photos and videos from Instagram.
  • Absolute security, no storage of user information.
  • Supports downloading content from private accounts.
  • Works on all platforms and devices, no software installation required.
  • Choose the quality and size of photos, videos before downloading.
  • High-speed download: SaveFree is the fastest downloading tool currently available.

SaveFree.App - Best Instagram Video Downloader

What is SaveFree? SaveFree is an online Instagram downloader, a tool developed to help users easily and quickly download content from Instagram to their devices. This tool is very easy to use, supports all platforms and devices.

To use SaveFree, you just need to visit our website, paste the link of the Instagram post you want to download, and press the "Download" button. SaveFree will automatically process the link and provide you with high-quality download options.

Steps to "Copy Link" Photos, Videos on Instagram

How to use SaveFree - Instagram Downloader

  • Open the Instagram app or website and log in to your account.
  • Find and copy the URL of the Photo, Video, Reels, Story, or IGTV you want to download.
  • Go back to SaveFree, paste the copied URL into the input field and click the "Download" button.

Reasons to use SaveFree - What makes SaveFree special?

INSTAGRAM DOWNLOADER ALWAYS FREE! We only place some ads to cover server maintenance and software upgrades. To provide the best experience for users.

SaveFree is developed and operated by a team with many years of experience. We believe that SaveFree is always the best Instagram downloader. If you find this tool helpful, please share this website with your friends and family. It's a huge help to us. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Instagram Downloader?

An online Instagram downloader is a tool that helps you download any content from Instagram, including Photos, Videos, Reels, Stories, and IGTVs easily without installing any software.

How can I download Instagram videos and photos online?

  • Step 1: Copy the URL of the Instagram photo or video you want to download.
  • Step 2: Go back to SaveFree, paste the URL into the input field and press the "Download" button.

Can I download Instagram photos and videos on an iPhone?

For iPhone, you need to use the Safari browser on iOS 13 or download the Documents by Readdle app and visit → Paste the Instagram URL into the input box → press the "Download" button (view the tutorial here).

How to download Instagram photos and videos to Android?

Copy the Instagram photo and video URL you want to download → Back to → Paste the copied Instagram URL into the input box → press the "Download" button.

Is it possible to choose the quality and size of a photo or video before downloading it?

Certainly, SaveFree allows you to choose the quality and size of images and videos before downloading them to your device.

Can I download photos, videos from Instagram account in private mode?

Sure, you need to use Download Private Instagram and follow the instructions to download Instagram photos and videos from private account easily and quickly.

Do I need to log in to my Instagram account?

No, you do not need to log into your Instagram account. SaveFree does not request or collect any information from you. Thus, you can confidently download any Instagram content securely and anonymously.

Do I have to pay to download Instagram photos and videos using SaveFree? is a completely free tool, allowing you to download Instagram photos and videos for free and with no download limits.

Where are Instagram videos and photos saved after downloading?

In your browser, find and tap on the "Downloaded Files" option, all your downloaded images and videos will be displayed here.